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Welcome to Victor
Full Line of Multimeters and Test Equipment
  • ISO9002 standards, CE certified
  • High quality, high accuracy
  • Most competitive price
  • Directly from the manufacturer
  • Best sellers in 30+ countries
  • 20+ years of experience
  • Secured transaction
  • Money back guarantee!
  • No-hassle returns
  • Warranty on all products

    As a reliable source for digital multimeters and other test equipment for over two decades, our products have been well acclaimed for their indisputable quality and competitive price in the industry. Through our representatives, distributors and local offices around the world, we have served thousands of customers in Asia, Europe and North America. This website is designed for our representatives and distributors who would like to check on updated information about our products, and also for potential representatives and distributors who would like to partner with us. For those who are new to us, we want to introduce our various lines of products to you, and also want to know you and your needs. So don't hesitate to drop us a line.

Why Choosing us?  

We have been an accredited manufacturer of test equipment and other electronic devices since 1980s. Our products meet ISO standards and the strict criteria for CE Certification. Our strict quality control system guarantees satisfaction for all customers. We offer the most competitive price on every model in our full line of digital products. Click here to know more about us.

Partner with us: Reps and Distributors

We value long-term cooperation with our business partners by providing them with high quality products with the most competitive price in the industry.  You will also have the most favorable product warranty and money-back guarantee. You will be proud of what you can provide for your customers. Click here to know more about partnership with us.

Create Your Own Brand Name

If you would like to use your own brand name on any of the products that we manufacture, we can help you with it. Private labeling is an important part of our service, since we acknowledge your need to establish name recognition. For our partners, this service is FREE! Click here to know more about private labeling.

Customers: Where to buy?

The benefits of buying through our representatives and distributors near you include fast delivery, full customer services and professional advice. We encourage you to work with our authorized dealers. For your convenience, we have also set up an online store, where you can find most of the best selling items from our factory.

Digital Multimeters

Clamp-on Meters
Digital Test Meters

LC meter
insulation tester
vibration meter
LUX meter
process calibrator

bench-top multimeter
function generator
frequency counter
Analog Meters
analog multimeter
analog clamp-ons

Reps & Distributors

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Private Labeling

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